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Mac: Space 2.2.2 11 MB
Win: Space 2.2.2 7.7 MB

At this point no more updates are planned.
Version: Alpha 2.2.2
Last Updated: 10-8-05
New with few changes.

Space is a 2D scrolling 3rd person shooter. It is designed so that you can make your own levels, and there is a low quality level editor included.

The key configuration is configurable and it saves the top 10 scores for each set of levels. Currently there is no encryption on the levels or level sets and you are free to edit them and make new ones. If you change or make a level you must take full responsibility for its content and give credit for all the work on it not done by you unless you have gotten permission from them. If you make levels that you would like to share please send them to me using the contact window in space so we can distribute them with space.

1024 by 768 or higher resolution monitor.
Mac(OSX) or Windows
Main Testing done on 700 MHz EMac With 384 MB Ram.

Version History
2.2.1 First major released
2.2.2 Fixed feedback system and a few other small fixes and updates.

Copyright © 2005-2010 Craig Macomber