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AOP Viewer
Mac OS X: AOP Viewer 3.8 MB
Win: AOP Viewer 1.5 MB

No longer expires.

What AOP Viewer does
AOP Viewer displays AOP files in 3D and measure distance on them (See 3D Viewing). It can also display cross sections and provides several properties about the file. Look at our Screen Shots page or our Video to see what AOP Viewer looks like.

What's New
Preferences with graphics settings and a few other things and some bug fixes. This release also does not expire as it is no longer in beta.

Version: Beta
Last Updated: 12-30-07

Version History
0.0.9 Alpha Released (Expires on 9-1-05)
Cross section viewing window added in 0.1.0
Cross section viewing improved in 0.1.1
Some rare landmark errors fixed in 0.1.2
Landmark list box sorting fixed in 0.1.3
Cross sections window updates correctly in Windows. Fixed in 0.1.4
The properties and landmarks windows can't get the focus. Fixed in 0.1.4
The zoom arrows switched in 0.1.4
0.1.5 Beta Released (Expires on 1-1-06)
0.1.5 Beta Rereleased (Expires on 3-1-06)
0.2.0 Beta Released (Expires on 1-1-07) This update consists of totally reworked 3D graphics and file handling.
0.2.2 Upgraded Cross-Section window.
0.2.2 Fixed bugs including a bug which caused some of the landmarks not to be rendered.
0.2.2 Expires on 1-1-07
0.3.0 Many bugs fixed including major bugs opening files on windows. Bugs with the cross sections window have been fixed and some height displays have been added. The ability to save files, edit comments and basic renaming of landmarks has been added.
0.3.3b14 Adds Orientation to the properties window and now draws landmarks and connecting lines on the surface. Packaging for mac no longer needs quesa installation.
0.4.0b25 Adds measuring and many fixes and improvements. Expires on 1-1-08
0.4.0b28 Improved help, better lighting and bug fixes. Added "Render Inside" check box. Expires on 1-1-08
1.0.3b38 New user-interface and help along with many other improvements and fixes. Expires on 1-1-08
Release: Preferances. No longer expires.

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